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There are gaps in your insurance.

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Total Motor Assist from Assist Protect
Total Motor Assist: giving you what you don't get from insurance
Plugging the gaps in your insurance
There are more than 12,000 accidents a day on UK roads, and there are gaps in motor insurance.

TMA sits alongside your insurance and plugs the gaps, giving you vital extra services. As our member, you'll be able to call us first after an accident and save money, time and stress.

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Member benefits & services

UK-wide accident recovery

Approved accident repair

Like-for-like replacement car

Private treatment for injury

Specialist legal support

Saves you paying an excess

Helps protect your no claims

24/7 UK-based helpline

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TMA gives you what you don't get from insurance or breakdown cover




Accident recovery as standard, regardless of fault
Repair with no excess after a non-fault accident
Like-for-like replacement car, not just a courtesy car
Replacement car delivered to you, no need to collect
No claim on your policy after a non-fault accident
Private treatment for injury after a non-fault accident
✱ Generally not included in motor insurance, though a few policies may do.
You still need insurance, of course; TMA doesn't replace it. TMA adds a lot to it.

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